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Bid-Up.TV is a relatively new addition to the ranks of the ever swelling shopping channels available to Sky Digital subscribers it can be found on channel 647.

The channel quotes about five pounds postage and packing, and five to seven working days for delivery – I’m afraid to say that I know this to be accurate… So I bought something from them, I’m sad.

It was the first channel (in Britain) to use the more original idea of having you bid for items rather than simply buying items over the phone in an interactive auction. The idea is that you phone the number shown on screen – which is unique for the item shown – and then you place your bid using the magic of touch-tone phone.

They have the sense to use call-ID (even if it is BT’s standard version). They then call the number from which the bid was made from – assuming you were successful in purchasing the item… They than demand payment. If you were trying to hoax them then they bar your number from ever bidding again

The channel seems to use QVC rejects to peddle the items – often with rather amusing results. They often miss their camera, or forget what they are selling altogether.

Because the auctions are quite accurately timed they have to close each auction at a certain moment. This also leads to much mirth, since they try desperately to drum up interest in whatever they are selling (things like “hat and shoes to match”, or some reject fashion item that is not wanted by anyone).

The channel is now in it’s second year and shows no signs of slowing down… It also now has a website which runs parallel with the TV show – www.bidup.tv - This shows you when the auctions are starting and finishing, also if there are any reserve prices or if they will start from a pound (their so called "Bid from a Quid").

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