Big block motors are notorious for being one of the main catalysts for the muscle car era of the 60's and 70's. A larger version of the small block motor, it comes standard with significantly more power and a capabilities, but at a greater cost.

Many of our favorite cars were propelled into popularity due to these beauties:

General Lee charger (Dukes of Hazzard): 426-hemi, or 440
SS Chevelle: 454
Yenko: Various Big Blocks
Shelby Cobra: DOHC 427
Corvette: 427

Typical sizes:
Chevrolet: 396,427,454,502
Ford: 390,426,427,428,429,460
Mopar: 383,426-Hemi,440

There are dozens of Big Block motor sizes, I guarantee I missed several.

An interesting note is that recently Chevrolet released the 502 big block, 20 years after cars that can actually use it were sold. Its geared for the enthusiast muscle car owner. Being a big block without too much effor it sports 502hp and 502fpt (Foot Pounds of Torque). In comparison, a Dodge Viper is a 488cid motor with around 450hp,450fpt.

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