The movie Hackers was this really cool movie me and my homies watched the other night. It had all these 1337 d00dz (and the h0t ch1x0r played by Angelina Jolie!) and they break into this uber 1337 k0mput0r called a Gibson (which I think must be named for the guitar company).

So they ride their rollerblades around hack into this big Gibson thingie and there's this kid joey who's cool but not as cool as the other kids who hides his cigarettes in the ventilation shaft. Joey hacks into the Gibson and accesses some secret garbage file, which actually contains some sort of timed virus that'll sink some ships and really fuck shit up.

But the plot he uncovers wrings in his friends Zero Cool and Lord Nikon and Acid Burn who pull this crazy hack to save their friend by proving his innocence. Then they hack the planet and Zero Cool and Acid Burn go "unf unf unf unf".

The best part is the news report though :
Don Red has fled the country after inciting a skinemax-approved homoerotic orgy that quickly set off a sickening barrage of people puking everywhere.

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