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In the Anglo world, the minimum of bathroom luxury is drying yourself with a huge towel. The bigger and thicker it is, the more satisfying the drying experience. The pinnacle being a towel sheet or even an entire robe of terrycloth solely used to dry off.

In Korea, where it feels like almost everything is smaller, the towels are indead small. Smaller even than a western style hand towel. "Madness!" You cry, "I can not dry myself with such a thing!" But actually there is some logic. Korean towels are used once and then thrown in the laundry basket. The small towels don't take up much space. Often in the bathroom, there can be found a magazine of towels loaded in a glass cabinet - ready to whip out and e off.

Perhaps it is because the average Korean has less surface area than dairy rich Caucasians, but I'm sure that in many Occidental homes - waiting for the bather, is a semi-wet, or slightly fermented towel, which will be reused several times before some maternal figure changes it, repugnent of its malodurous presence. Perhaps she fear it will 'wipe on' more than it 'wipes off'. For most Westerners the sheer volume of toweling laundered to create 'everyday freshness' precludes the habit of single use towels. While sheet size towels lack the impact of SUVconsumption, Allow the possiblity that downsizing to a bushel of micro towels might have some merit.

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