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Bikini Carwash Company 3 is a rumored sequel said to have been contemplated following the modest but material financial success of the first two Bikini Car Wash Company movies. The "predecessors" (if that's the right word for the earlier installments of a sequel that never hit film) were about girls washing cars while wearing bikinis, or engaging in other activities while wearing bikinis, or engaging in other activities while accoutered in similarly scanty vestments. Released in 1992 and 1993, they almost certainly hung on some kind of plot, but whatever it was beats the hell outta me. There was tasteful nudity (nah, just kidding, nothing was tasteful), and introduced Playboy Playmate Neriah Davis to the world of acting, leading to a roles in nearly a half dozen films.

The first of the pair that was actually made had a group of ladies raising ridiculous amounts of money by washing cars clad in bikinis, a testament to the Hollywood vision of the male propensity for throwing dollars at the opportunity to just look at women who represent unrealistic standards of sexual attractiveness. This is true, but the place guys go to spend that kind of money looking at that kind of girl is called a strip club, and your car will be no cleaner for having gone. In the second film, they sell the car wash business to developers, and then start a lingerie channel in order to buy it back once they learn the developers are going to (gasp!) develop the land it sits on. The imagination is overcome by the possibilities of the never-made third installment of what would have forever after been billed as a "trilogy."

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