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Title: Bills Tomato Game
Author: Psygnosis
Released: 1992
No. of disks: 1
HDD installable: No
Languages: English
RAM: 1meg required

An original puzzler that involved getting the easily squished Terry Tomato from his start point (a spring board) to the end point (a conveyor belt). The player had a finite inventory of fans, trampolines, jack-n-the-boxes that could be dragged about onscreen. When you're happy with the placement clicking GO would start the world... Terry would be launched upward... and your cunningly placed objects would hopefully fling him onto the relative safety of the conveyorbelt.

Or splatter him.

These fairly basic rules of play with horribly complex levels involving dozens of fans blowing Terry through a maze or just up and over boxes. There was also some tacked on plot about Sammy Squirrel kidnaping Terry's gal, Tracy Tomato. Or something.

In a sterling anti-piracy effort, the game included a free tomato sauce sachet (although word has it that Red Sector cracked it a day later)

ps. Bill Pullan, the programmer.

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