The version below was a popular Girl Scout campfire song. Each line is repeated after a leader who is teaching the song, or the group as a whole. The italicized lines are sung at a slower tempo than the rest of the song. Apparently, at girl scout camp they don't tone down cruelty to animals.

Bill Grogan's goat
Wasn't feelin' fine
Ate three red shirts
Right off the line.

Old Bill got mad
An' gave him a whack
And he tied him to
The railroad track.

The whistle blew
the train grew neigh.

Bill Grogan's goat
Was doomed to die.

He gave three groans
three groans of pain

coughed up those shirt
and flagged the train.

But , a button got caught
In the middle of his throat
And that was the end
Of Bill Grogan's goat.

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