Second baseman for the Pittsburgh Pirates from 1956-1972; elected to Major League Baseball Hall of Fame in 2001.

Mazeroski is most famous for hitting a home run in bottom of the 9th inning of Game 7 of the 1960 World Series that won the Series for Pittsburgh over the New York Yankees. That homerun at Forbes Field still remains the only home run to end Game 7 of a World Series (Joe Carter's home run off Mitch Williams to end the World Series in 1993 was in Game 6).

Fielding was Mazeroski's strength, as he collected 8 Gold Glove Awards in his career, and still holds the major league fielding records for second basemen for most double plays turned in a season and in a career.

Mazeroski's hitting was more modest, posting a .260 career batting average (.283 was his high in 1957) and hitting 138 home runs (a career best of 19 in 1958). He spent his entire career with the Pirates.

Baseball's Veterans Committee elected Mazeroski to the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame on March 6, 2001.

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