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William George Bunter of Greyfriars School, the main character of Frank Richards' series of Bunter books is known as the 'fat owl' of the remove. He purloins tuck and is always in trouble with his teacher, Mr Quelch. The books depict English boarding school life 100 years ago from the eyes of the fat and thieving Billy Bunter!

Bunter isn't very popular with the rest of the remove because of his reputation for stealing food and 'shirking' (not turning up to) cricket. The teachers don’t take too well to Bunter because of his tendency to fall asleep in lessons and to translate the Latin phrase; ‘Caesar ad sum jam forte’ as; ‘Caesar had some jam for tea’!

The ‘masters’ are not afraid to use the cane and Bunter often heard the sharp crack and often felt the sharp sting of the cane as it cut into his mountainous backside.

An extract from Frank Richard’s Billy Bunter of Greyfriars School: Chapter 1:'Bunter!' Mr Quelch's voice was not loud, but it was deep. Every pair of ears in the form room heard it - every pair, that is. But one. Billy Bunter's fat ears must have been closed, for he didn't answer. This was the second time that Quelch had called Bunter's name, and the other members of the Remove stirred uncomfortably, one or two of them risking a glance at the fat Owl. To ignore Quelch was to risk life and limb, and yet the Owl simply sat at his desk, staring silently at his form master through his large, round specs.(Richards, 1982, p.1 of the book)

The books are classics and are very light and easy to read. They appeal to most ages and are extremely successful in Britain.

Some interesting Facts about Richards and Bunter

Richards died on Christmas Eve, 1961 at the age of 65

Frank Richards wrote 72,000,000 words in 7,000 stories

The idea of Bunter having Spectacles came from a relative peering at Richards, 'like an owl'.

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