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A common urban legend concerns how billy goats will even eat tin cans. While it is true that billy goats have voracious appetites, they do not posess metal-eating bacteria in their stomaches.

The legend started because it was common for the goats to lick and gnaw on standard #10 tins. It was not for lack of minerals, it was because the glue that held on the outer wrapper turned out to be like a treat for the goats, who would concentrate on the cans until the glue taste was gone.

Another item concerning billy goats is their stench. Billy goats tend to piss on their underbelly, and during mating season (when the days start getting longer in Autumn), their urine is chock full of scents meant to attract female goats. During the non-mating season, they stink just a little bit.

Bil"ly goat` (?).

A male goat.



© Webster 1913.

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