The Biotic Baking Brigade is an international group of activists based in San Francisco. They are not boring picketers or letter-writers, instead they throw pies in the faces of those abusing their power. They have been influenced greatly by the Zapatistas in Chiapas, Mexico.

They have pied such notable politicians and executives as San Francisco mayor Willie Brown, Monsanto CEO Robert Shapiro, and neoliberal economist Milton Friedman. They take aim at neoliberalism and globalization, allying with environmentalist groups and other anti-globalization groups.

World Bank president James D. Wolfensohn was pied today (March 30, 2001) in Helsinki, Finland by an affiliate group, the Arctic Baking Brigade. April has been declared a month of action, named Operation Dessert Storm, in which activists around the world are planning to pie neoliberal leaders everywhere.

Politicians and CEOs will undoubtedly be just a little bit nervous calling press conferences during this time, most don't seem to have much of a sense of humour or humility. George W. Bush is a prime target for a big fat, sloppy pie.

The BBB website is at

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