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In the last couple of days, I have noticed a new quest has begun. This quest, for writeups about birds and other winged things, was never formally announced due to some oversight by management. This snafu has caused a quest to begin without proper documentation or authorization. So, I am taking it upon myself to announce Bird Quest 2020.

The Quest

Before the end of January 2020, submit quality writeups about birds or another winged entities. These need to be informative and enjoyable to read. They can be about ravens, chickens, eagles, mothmen, and the like. To qualify, it much be about a winged entity that has thought patterns of some kind (no "dead bird" writeups allowed).

The Rewards

If your writeup is good, people will give upvotes to your writeup. If it is really good, they will give it a C! It is possible to get more than one C! per writeup following the C! Reform Bill of 2000.

This system simpifies the rewards system in keeping with everything2.com brand website's recent push towards deregulation.

Your Mission

Birds. Learn about them. Study them. Write about them. Proorfead your work. Submit. Repeat.

Put a link to Bird Quest 2020 in your writeup so people know you are a Questor and treat you accordingly (accolades).

The Winner

The noder who submits the most writeups about birds and other winged things with an aggregate score above +5 will be entered into a second round where the noder with the most writeups with an aggregate score of +8 with a minimum of 1 C! while allowing as many as three of those bird-related writeups to be eliminated from final scoring through voluntary omission. That is to say, if you choose to eliminate between 1 and 3 of your bird writeups with a low aggregate score before final tallies are done, that will be your right. However, by the right of elimination rule, another noder may choose to not only eliminate their low rated bird writeups from the quest final tally, but they may also choose to eliminate your highest rated bird writeups from the final tally if it has an aggregate score that is +/- 10 by comparison to their lowest rated bird writeup that has not been eliminated through noder choice on the first elimination option round. Those scores will then be filtered through a comparison with the three noders who have the highest mean score on all their remaining bird writeups. The three highest rated at the start of the elimination rounds will face challengers where if a challenger is able to beat any of the three top noders in either highest aggregate score, highest total number of C!s, or on consistently C!ed quest-related writeups. Then the challenger will face the top three quest noders in a head to head competition between their total quest writeups and the overall reputation of those writeups which fall within the parameters of the quest. The final winner will be decided by a straw poll to be taken on February 1, 2020.

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