An extremely liberal WB television translation of the DC Comics Batman spinoff comicbook which was also called Birds of Prey. The show was created and produced by David Carson and aired from October 2002 to February 2003.

The plot line of this show is that about 20 years before the show begins, Batman married Catwoman and they had a child, whom Catwoman raised and Batman was unaware of. At some point Batman goes into exile and a superhero named Oracle (Dina Meyer) and the child of Batman and Catwoman, who is known as Huntress (Ashley Scott) now have to protect the people of Gotham City.

Like the comicbook Oracle, the television version is really Barbara Gordon, daughter of the Police Commissioner Jim Gordom. Barbara Gordon was once Batgirl, but was paralyzed by a gunshot wound that confined her to a wheelchair, thus ending her career as Batgirl and starting her career as the computer wielding and Oracle.

There are a lot of other familiar names, including Black Canary, Alfred Pennyworth, and Harley Quinn who is surprisingly played by Mia Sara. Their names are about all that is familiar, since most Batman and Birds of Prey comic canon is mangled or totally forgotten.

Mercifully this show was canceled after 13 episodes. Though the idea of a Batman related live action television show had many fans, the horrible script and even worse acting made sure it never went anywhere. It was trying for something between Batman and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but ended up with something more like Mutant X.

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