"Careless, aren't you?"

'scuse me? -I was looking at a small girl, bright red hair, green eyes, black turtleneck. Bright green eyes.
"Leaving your notebook out like that, so anyone could just come along and take it. Or read. Or whatever."

Well, yes- I sat down to the table, my journal, my previous cup of coffee, half a newspaper, half a bagel. - I guess, what do you think?

"About the notebook? Your dining habits or your writing?" -She had silver jewlery all over-rings, bracelets, earrings- and those cat eyes.

I think I am curious about all of it- want some coffee? -(How do I make some polite conversation here, considering she has been reading the obituary of my latest relationship?)

"Well, let's see: you spill stuff all over, your latest girlfriend--who sounds like a bitch (but I'm not one to judge)--just left you, you write pretty well but your little sketches are terrible- yes to Coffee-large size - and don't you dare ask about decaf." pause
What are you staring at?

You have eyes like a cat, intense. (Here goes nothing).

Another pause-"Thank you,... now go get the coffee or I'll do the spilling. "

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