Supernatural creatures supposedly found all over the British Isles, especially on dark, deserted roads. They appear to be red-eyed dogs with solid black coats; they are also quite large -- about the size of a calf. They do not bark, growl, howl, or make any sounds at all, aside from the clicking of their claws. They seem to emanate an aura of utter despair, perhaps because it is said that anyone who sees a Black Dog is destined to die soon.

Some legends say that the only defense against the powers of the Black Dogs is to have a companion with you when you travel -- supposedly, the coal-black canines won't appear to more than one person. However, other stories say that the dogs are able to manifest to only one person while remaining invisible to the other, or that the dog will appear to someone while his friend happens to be looking the other way.

A Scotsman named Ean MacEndroe of Loch Ewe is said to have once rescued one of the fae from danger; in return, he and his descendants were given immunity from the Black Dogs for all eternity. So if you have to travel on dark, deserted roads in Britain, try to get one of his modern kinfolk to go along with you...

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A Spin-Off gaming company. Their parent company White Wolf Games originally wrote a game supplement which cast a then fictional Black Dog Games company as being corrupted by the Wrym. Later, the company spun off the actual Black Dog Games which the used as a vehicle for publishing more mature subject matter. Well, more mature in the sense of its suitability for children.

in some circles used as a a name for the cocktail of ghb and dxm.

bad news in a major way, altough not in the brain damage/fear of death sense, but in the psychological trauma sense. It's a very powerful mixture, there is a strong synergy between the two chemicals, centered around dopamine activity. DXM is a dopamine reuptake inhibitor, and GHB causes a massive dopamine release. When these two effects are combined, your synapses are flooded with dopamine, and strange (er) things start to happen in your head.
1998 film starring Patrick Swayze, Randy Travis, and Meat Loaf. Kevin Sorbo of 'Hercules' fame was supposed to play the lead role, but dropped out due to medical reasons, so Swayze took over the part of Jack Crews, a former truck driver who did jail time for vehicular manslaughter. In order to keep the bank from foreclosing on his home, he takes a job offer from his crooked boss to deliver a shipment from Georgia to New Jersey, despite the fact that his license has been revoked. Along the way he discovers that the shipment is a cache of illegal weapons, and that the FBI, ATF, and a group of hijackers are trying to take the vehicle down. Meanwhile, in order to get Swayze to do what he wants, Meat Loaf kidnaps Crews' wife and daughter.

Black Dog was almost universally panned. I don't know... I kind of liked it... maybe just because it's a truck movie, and you don't see many truck movies around. I mean, "Smokey And The Bandit" had a truck in it, but it's really not a truck movie - neither Smokey or the Bandit is in a truck - that's Snowman. Black Dog was kind of a campy, cool, big rig flick... even if the ending sucked.

Oh yeah... the title 'Black Dog' refers to some kind of phantom dog that truckers see when they've been driving too long. In the film's flashback, Swayze sees the dog, swerves to avoid it, and ends up hitting a couple whose car is stalled by the side of the road.

The Led Zeppelin song gets its name from a black labrador retriever that wandered in and out of the studio while they were recording their unnamed fourth album.

British electronica outfit also known as "The Black Dog", "Black Dog Productions", "Balil", "Xeper", and "Plaid".

At the time of their debut full-length release "Bytes" Black Dog was a trio: Ken Downie, Ed Handley and Andy Turner. Their music was compared to that of fellow Warp Records bands Aphex Twin and Autechre and accordingly the dog was tagged with the (imo) meaningless label "Intelligent Dance Music".

In 1995, after a couple of semi-successful releases (mainly EPs), the band split up with Handley and Turner continuing to record under the Plaid label, leaving Downie as the sole Black Dog.

"Bytes" remains my favorite album for train rides or walks through busy city streets.


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