Black Hattitude is a yeshiva-trained group of three that raps lessons of the Talmud. Well, sort of. The philosophical line of the tape is explicitly Yeshiva oriented, as well as an anti-left wing run State of Israel.

The lyrics and the style reflect a basic identification with modernity, importance of affluence, Chutzpa, and telling it like it is. Slightly contradictory. Being Yeshiva boys, Black Hattitude stresses the importance of staying there, dressing in accordance with custom, and typical scenarios that take place in the dorm or on shidduch dates. Still, it is confusing, as it also implicitly values money and being cool.

As far as art? It is partly creative satire, and many religious kids find it identifiable. However – old-line orthodoxy is not necessarily fond of the ‘subversive’ effect that orgiastic rhythms have had on other ancient values, or that in-your-face recitative. Perhaps this is part of their appeal to youngsters; an easy way to rebel given the half-foreign sound but still justifiable once you listen to their lyrics.

Track Listing:

  1. Shtick 1: The Infamous Credit Card
  2. Black Hattitude
  3. Friday In The Life
  4. Shtick 2: The Last Shiur
  5. Talmud
  6. Hafgana
  7. Just Ain't My Day
  8. Shtick 3: Interview
  9. Esav Sonei Yaakov
  10. Shidduch Date
  11. Bein Hazmanim Awareness
  12. Sellin' Out
  13. Buyin' In

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