A band made up of two people. Zakk Wylde plays bass, piano, guitar and sings, while Philth Ondich plays the drums. The whole basis revolving the band?

"The sole purpose of this whole fucking album is to kill bands like Third Eye fucking Blind and all those cheesy-ass fucking boy bands. Let me see, who else can we put on that Shit list? Who's that other fucking crap band? Blink 182. Blink 182's gotta fucking go! Put it this way, you know how Black Flag kills roaches dead? Well, Black Label kills fucking cheese pop bands dead!" --Zakk Wylde

So a volatile concoction is served, a one-two punch combination that makes for black -n- blue classic metal, a craft Zakk practices with grace, guts and unswerving integrity. Taking fully two months to construct this soulful, power-chorded banquet, double the duration of the band's wicked debut from '98.

Current Albums...

Alcohol Fueled Brewtality Live 2001
Stronger Than Death 2000
Sonic Brew 1999
Book of Shadows 1996

Also released in 2001 was Black Label Society's 1919 Eternal, originally titled Deathcore WarMachine Eternal. Zakk changed the title after the events of September 11, 2001. He also added his acoustic interpretation of America the Beautiful to the album. Black Label Society's new album, The Blessed Hell Ride, is due out April 22, 2003.

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