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The Black Moor is one of many varieties of goldfish - the Carassius auratus ssp.. From the family Cyprinidae, they originated in Japan, China and Asia, but have branched out to the rest of the world due to controlled breeding programs. They are known in the East (mostly where they originated), as the black dragon eye or black peony. The Black Moor is mostly overall jet black (who would have guessed) with a metallic brown or faint silver tint to them. Being a member of the Veil Tail variety gives them the beautiful long and flowing tail. These black beauties are considered one of the most popular Chinese fish available and get along very well with other fish (however, there are always a few that aren't recommended as tank-mates , the biggest one being the Cichlids). It is recommended that they are kept with some form of live food or plants, but they do love to dig and uproot, so make sure you anchor down any greenery you choose to install.

A healthy Moor is bright and alert with a smooth outline of their short body. Their eyes are very prominent with a protruding spherical shape. The dorsal fin (the fin that runs down their back) is tall and carried high with a well divided caudal fin (the tail fin). These fish are peaceful in temperament and quite hardy due to the fact that they are part of the carp group, as all goldfish are. If taken care of properly and in a tank of 30 gallons maximum, they can grow up to ten inches long. Moors can also live anywhere from six to twenty-five years of age.

Black Moors should be kept in water that can range from 68 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. A slight alkaline pH of around 7.6 should be used. As said before, these omnivores like their live food, but can be fed things such as peas, lettuce, spinach and zucchini. Also, frozen glass worms, brine shrimp, blood worms and daphnia make a nice treat for these loveable creatures.

The eye-catching Black Moor is a great starter pet for children, requiring food twice daily and a bowl change roughly once a week (in the case of one fish). Their elegant figure and chic tail make it an all around attractive and pleasant addition to any room!

I have a Black Moor named Henry, and he is one of the most active and enjoyable fish that I have ever owned (and I've owned many). They are pleasant, upbeat and easy to maintain. Henry never fails to bring me a smile and is always there to show me that it doesn't take much to be happy.

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