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Black Romantics differ from regular Romantics in that they belive man is not born innocent. There are three main people who were Black Romantics: Edgar Allen Poe (focused sick-minded people, only some people not all), Herman Malveille (focused on evil being unavoidable), and Nathaniel Hawthorn (focused on evil being within our souls).

Nathaniel Hawthorn saw evil coming from your soul or spirit, in the form of excessive pride. This infected everyone, he thought. Hawthorn was semi-reculsive and removed himself from society (spending 12 years in an attic writing and thinking). He was directly opposed to the beliefs of Emerson and Thoreau who were Romantics and believed in Transcendentalism. He thought that self-relience was evil, and that conformity is good. His most famous story was The Scarlet Letter.

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