From the cover of issue one:

"Black Thorn is a publication focused on the creative spirit inherent in radical DIY culture. Our mission is to create and distribute a paper that reflects the lives we actually live, and provides a vehicle for independent thought, which is reflective of who we are as a people. It will be about opening doors, exchanging ideas, taking sharge of our lives and the piss and vinegar spirit which courses through our veins. We choose to focus less on the musical aspects of DIY and more on the lifestyles, ethics, skill and ideas that enable to live with increasing independence and self-reliance from the dominant culture. We want to see the whole of who we are: serious and funny, deep and shallow, ugly and beautiful"

Started in 2002 by the Black Thorn Collective, a group of nonviolent radicals based in Portland, Oregon. The paper is published nationwide as often as limited funding permits. Most of the articles are sociopolitical commentary, and are very interesting if you're into the anarchist DIY scene. Of course, their rhetoric quickly becomes tiresome if you don't share their zeal for massive social reform.

Black Thorn also includes tips and instructions on how to save money and demonstrate your independence by doing things yourself. Some of these ideas (home-made Biodiesel fuel, for example) seem quite useful, while others (DIY contraception) are a bit sketchy. Also, they are more than willing to publish any ideas or hints you might have.

The paper is free, and if you happen to see a copy in an anarchist bookstore or similar environment, I would suggest that you pick it up and skim through it a bit; free exchange of ideas never hurt anybody, and you might just learn something useful.

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