An interesting kind of hot sauce available for purchase at The death sauces come in bottles with little skulls dangling from the cap; very amusing. The Original Death Sauce and After Death Sauce are enjoyable if you like hot things. I myself am kind of frightened by some of the other things sold there which are so hot that they refuse to rate them on their scale of one to four flaming chilies, and they require you to read and agree to a disclaimer before purchasing them.

Brainwave's write-up piqued my curiosity, so I visited the site and ordered a few things.

The Jalepeno Death Sauce with Tequila is actually very mild. Most people could probably handle it. I did add a few drops of Sudden Death sauce to give it an extra kick. By itself, it's still good; it has a sweet taste.

On the other extreme is the Sudden Death sauce. This one goes beyond the aforementioned Death Sauce and After Death Sauce. It has warnings on the bottle, including "Keep Out Of Reach Of Children." I've had habanero sauce before, so I thought I'd be able to handle this. To sample it, I put a small drop on my finger and licked it. My reaction (paraphrased, of course), was


It's good, though; I highly recommend it if you like really hot food and/or you have repressed masochistic tendencies.

I also bought some Death Rain Chips, which are potato chips spiced with "Death Rain", a dry habanero spice offered on the site. They taste pretty much like other hot potato chips I've had before, but I couldn't figure out the heat level because I was still recovering from the Sudden Death sauce.

The products that require a disclaimer are called 2AM Reserve and 3AM Reserve. According to the site, these are ingredients, not sauces, and should be treated as such. I won't go near these; someone else can try them.

By the way, the skulls hanging from the caps are key chains.

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