A futuristic first-person shooter set in the twenty-second century, released by Apogee (3D Realms) in 1993. You play the British spy Blake Stone (who bears very little similarity to James Bond), and you must infiltrate the dark labs of Dr. Goldfire.

This game uses the Wolfenstein 3-D engine and plays very much like Wolfenstein 3-D, only this time with a few extras such as interrogating informants, going back and forth through levels, throwing switches to disarm barriers, and the like.

This game never caught on, though, mainly because it was released around the same time as Doom was. Also, Doom went for only $40, but Blake Stone went for $60!

However, it did spawn a sequel, Planet Strike. It actually has some really cool extras and proved to be very dark and atmospheric. There are partially invisible enemies. And they actually blended in better than the Spectres ever did in the Doom games.

In any case, Blake Stone and Planet Strike may not surpass the Doom series by any means, but they are worth giving a shot. Especially if you like to sneak around in corners, like you may also have to do in Wolfenstein 3-D, Shogo, and Half-Life.

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