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"I'm with this Idiot ->", "I ♥ (insert innocuous item e.g. beer, breasts, Americans)", "Teeny-bop Boys Bands Rulz", "My Grandmother went to Auschwitz and all I got was this lousy t-shirt".

The company that I work for has decided to boost morale by allowing everyone to purchase a shirt with the company logo on it - giving one more of a "sense of belonging". To hell with paying to wear company advertising!

I consider myself a rebel - I wear blank shirts. I get funny looks in the street by other walking billboards as I am not expressing any statement, advertising any two-bit company, or telling people by way of printed clothing my love/hate for any animal, mineral or vegetable (politicians included in the latter).

Do yourself a favour, if you have a statement to make, do it verbally, or with your middle finger - don't rely on someone else to come up with the text on a shirt for you.

This node in no way derides the wearing of E2 t-shirts, which are both stylish enough for formal dining, yet understated enough for all-night Quake-fests and pizza binges.

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