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An archaic phrase used mostly in the Pagan community; a blessing of sorts. Used between friends and new acquaintances alike, and also in ritual when addressing invoked presences or bidding them farewell. Used also as a greeting or recognition that one is meeting another Pagan, the equivalent of "God bless." (However, one does not say "blessed be" when someone sneezes.)

Beware of people using this phrase to show how cool and witchy they are.

Album by The 69 Eyes, released 2000.

Has some rather catchy goth metal songs, including a few big hits¹. (And of course, the Obligatory Ballad ²and The Obligatory Rather Sucky Instrumental Piece That The Management Wanted So The CD Would Be Longer³. =)

  1. Framed in Blood
  2. Gothic Girl
  3. The Chair¹
  4. Brandon Lee¹
  5. Velvet Touch
  6. Sleeping With Lions
  7. Angel On My Shoulder
  8. Stolen Season
  9. Wages of Sin
  10. Graveland
  11. 30³

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