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A novel by Joseph Skibell, inspired by the horrors of the Holocaust. The writing is very imaginative, and takes the point of view of a man, Chaim Skibelski, who is shot along with other Jews from his village. The story follows his activities after his death, as he wanders the earth for many years, instead of arriving in the World to Come. He visits his former home, and finds his Rabbi, who has become a crow. Many other interesting characters come into the story, and strange things happen to all of them. "Through it all, Chaim manages to find hope and compassion in the most astounding circumstances, discovering beneath the human propensity for destruction the promise of renewal." (from jacket)

"When I got into our village, everything was gone. A dozen workmen were lifting all the memories into carts and driving off. "Hey! Hey!" I shouted after them. But they wouldn't stop. In front of every house were piles of vows and promises, all in broken pieces. How I could see such things, I cannot tell you."

-Joseph Skibell, Blessing on the Moon

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