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A Melbourne grindcore band. This band makes consistent use of cookie monster vocals and over the top juvenile toilet humour, probably because it's what they do well. Releases include Fisting the Dead, Yeest, STR8 outta Northcote and Cunt. Highlight songs include Northcote and Pornstorestiffi. Signed to Relapse Records and Dr. Jim Records.

At the time of writing, members are (with translations):
Tony - "cockstaplindeadhomiezvox" (vocals)
Matt Rizzo - "meatpundingbeatslut" (drums)
Matty Lowpantz - "leadcockbladeGuitarmageddon" (guitar)
J.J. La Whore - "" (guitar)
Jason P.C. - "cockslappinbassbitch and deathrooster vocals" (bass guitar and vocals)

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