A super-hero created by Charles Nicholas. His first appearance was in Mystery Men #1 published by Fox Comics. The character the Blue Beetle has been published by four different comics publishers since the character was created. Those four are Fox Comics, Charlton Comics, Americomics, and DC Comics.

The original Blue Beetle was a New York City policeman named Dan Garret. He fought crime in a bulletproof costume, armed with a revolver. His trademark was a small beetle-shaped token that he would leave to scare his enemies. For a time, the Blue Beetle took a page from Batman's book, using a BeetleMobile and having a utility belt. For a time, the Blue Beetle even had a sidekick, Sparky, who quickly faded from the comics.

Eventually, a powerless crimefighter grew dull, so the Blue Beetle gained powers by way of Vitamin 2X, a chemical that gave him enhanced speed, strength, and senses for an hour. The chemical was provided by his friend Dr. Franz.

The character was later redefined when he was taken over by Charlton Comics. Dan Garret was no longer a policeman, but an archaeologist, who gained super powers from a mystic scarab found in the tomb of Kha-ef-Re. Garret battled the forces of evil using his powers. He eventually met his demise, while fighting the evil schemes of Jarvis Kord. Kord's newphew, Ted Kord was one of Garret's students and his friend. When Garret was killed in a cave-in, Kord decided to carry on his friend's legacy and name.

Kord constructed a flying craft that he dubbed the Bug and constructed an arsenal of gadgets to fight crime. Kord became the new Blue Beetle.

The Blue Beetle became a member of the new Justice League battling along side veterens like the Martian Manhunter, Batman and Black Canary. He formed a friendship with Booster Gold, a crime fighter from the future. The two for a time were the Laurel and Hardy of the League.

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