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An amazing, fantastic, god-like, computer built by Silicon Graphics for the Los Alamos Laboratory. The damn thing ran Linpack, the industry's standard test, at 1.608 trillion calculations per second, or teraOps.


It uses 48 Cray Origin2000 servers, containing 128 SMPs each; the total number of processors is 6144. It generates so much data that they had to design an entirely new visualization system to make sense of all of it. The visualization system is a bitch by itself, boasting 16 of SGI's Infinite Reality graphics engines. In September, using just one-sixth of Blue Mountain, Los Alamos's weapons scientists were able to run a weapon simulation that may help solve a decades-old mystery raised by a past underground nuclear test.
Hard Drive Space? Oh, yeah. It has more than 76 trillion bytes of fiber channel disk. That's 76,000 gigabytes of space. Provided you're a movie buff, you can store 17391 DVD-quality movies on it.

source: http://www.lanl.gov/orgs/pa/News/blue111298.html

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