Bob Einstein was born on November 20, 1940 in Los Angeles, California, to actress Thelma Leeds and comedian Harry Einstein. Harry Einstein is probably better Harry Parke or "Parkyakarkas," which, I assume, is some sort of joke he'd make during his routine. Bob Einstein has two brothers, actor Albert Einstein, better known as Albert Brooks, and Cliff Einstein, who is an advertising executive.

Born into a showbiz family, Bob continued the family business. One of his first roles was as Officer Judy in the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour. From there, he's done some parts in other shows, mostly coming up with different crazy characters to portray. Perhaps the craziest, and most well recieved, character he played was that of Super Dave Osborne.

Super Dave was a stuntman in the same vein as Evel Knievel, only without the ability to land a jump, or perform a stunt without it going horribly wrong. Blessed with Tick-like invulnerability (thanks to dummies and camera tricks) Super Dave would always attempt the zaniest stunts ever performed. As Super Dave, Bob's appeared on Late Night with Jay Leno as well as various other talk shows. His popularity peaked in the late 80's and early 90's. Dave Osborne even had his own animated cartoon show called Super Dave.

When Super Dave Osborne faded out of the pop-culture limelight, Bob Einstein did not sit around and lounge all day long. He's made recent appearances on the Comedy Central shows Crank Yankers and The Man Show as Super Dave Osborne. Whatever is in store for Bob, I am sure that the world has not seen the last of Super Dave Osborne just yet.

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