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Bobby was comedian Howie Mandel’s preschool alter ego on stage. Eventually, this character was turned into the animated series, Bobby’s World. The show revolved around Bobby Generic, a 4 year old with a remarkable imagination. He was the youngest of a family of 3, with an older brother and sister named Derek and Kelly respectively. A typical episode would consist of an opening monologue by Bobby, then basic childhood predicaments with intermittent cuts to one of Bobby’s fantastic daydreams. His usual sidekicks were: Roger (the family sheep dog), a large spider doll, Captain Squash (his favorite superhero), and/or his uncle Ted. Bobby’s World premiered on the Fox Network in 1990 on Saturday mornings, eventually leading to a syndicated weekday afternoon spot until 1998.

Bobby Generic – Howie Mandel
Kelly – Charity Jones
Derek – Benny Grant
Roger – Danny Man
Uncle Ted – Tino Insana

Lenberg, Jeff. All from The Encyclopedia of Animated Cartoons. 2nd ed.
New York, NY: Checkmark Books, 1999.

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