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Title: Body Blows
Author: Team 17
Released: Early 1993
No. of disks: 2
HDD installable: unknown
Languages: English
RAM: 1meg required

In chronological response to Amiga Street Fighter 2s lack of control (and ugliness) came this Vs fighting game native to the Amiga. It was a ripoff, but it fixed many things, so that's ok then.

Its control system worked quite well to address the Amiga's limitations (most computers had a 1 button, 8 direction digital joystick). Holding down the fire button then tapping in one of eight directions would perform a distinct move.

Other beat'em ups pulled special moves with 'down-left-up-then-fire' but this was never going to work on the Amiga and all attempts employed badly implemented context sensitivity. You could never be sure it would pull off the move when you needed it. Body Blows solved this by having a 'hold-fire-button-down-for-a-few-seconds-and-don't-you-dare-move'. This worked to some degree but your suddenly limp and static player would be rather readable and special moves in Body Blows were rarely useful.

The music and sound effects were dull. The game was quite good, really.

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