Body Building is the use of exercise, diet, rest and often chemicals and sometimes surgery to give large muscles, mainly for cosmetic reasons.

The main secrets to building big muscles are:

  • exercise involving some degree of Eccentric exercise typically using weights somewhere between 50% and 85% of the maximum that can be lifted (some concentric exercise gives bigger muscles as well)
  • Increasing exercise load as your muscles grow
  • Eating plenty of protein (exercise damages muscle proteins and is needed for repair, and a tiny, tiny amount for growth) for a few days after exercise has occured
  • Eating plenty of calories
  • Periodic rest every few weeks or months
  • chemicals such as anabolic steroids (fat soluble versions of testosterone that raise the rate of muscle growth), growth hormone (allows growth proteins into the muscle), insulin (allows carbohydrates and further proteins into the muscle)
  • drink plenty of water, get plenty of rest
  • keep it up, growing 14 pounds of muscle a year is about the most even the luckiest people can manage

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