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Winston Churchill once said, "In wartime, truth is so precious that she should always be attended by a bodyguard of lies." This statement is reminiscent of what Sir Garnet Wolseley wrote in The Soldier's Handbook (1869); "We are bred up to feel it a disgrace ever to succeed by falsehood... we will keep hammering along with the conviction that honesty is the best policy, and that truth always wins in the long run. These pretty little sentiments do well for a child's copy book, but a man who acts on them had better sheathe his sword forever."

Anthony Cave Brown wrote a book entitled Bodyguard of Lies, published by Harper & Row in 1975. BOL takes a look at the international intelligence community, espionage, and clandestine ops surrounding the allied invasion of Normandy on D-Day during World War II. Sadly, the hardcover version of this book is out of print, but you can pick up a paperback edition at Amazon.com.

Incidentally, "Bodyguard of Lies" is also a regular series of 6" x 9" digest-sized books for the Conspiracy X RPG. BOL started under New Millennium Entertainment as a hand-stapled photo-copied quarterly mailing, but when Eden Studios started publishing ConX in 1997, BOL got a facelift. Each is a forum for the game's fans, and includes rules additions and suggestions, new background material, game statisitics, missions and more.

  • Bodyguard of Lies 1: Psi Wars
    Retail: $16.00, 124 pages, EDN00008, ISBN#: 1-891153-08-0
  • Bodyguard of Lies 2: Mokele'
    Retail: $16.00, 136 pages, EDN00011, ISBN#: 1-891153-11-0
  • Bodyguard of Lies 3: Synergy
    Retail: $16.00, 160 pages, EDN00012, ISBN#: 1-891153-12-9

And... if that's not enough, "bol" is also the name of a user on E2

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