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The Bolar Wars is the name for the third season of Starblazers. ("Yamato 3" in Japan.) It takes place in 2205, though in another movie it takes place in 2203. The Galman Empire is battling with the Bolar Federation, when a stray Galman proton missle heads for the Earth's sun. Exploding upon impact, the missle causes the sun to expand, endangering Earth. If a new planet is not found for Earthlings within a year, everyone on Earth will die.

The Yamato is sent out with its officers and a new crew to find the new Earth. Shortly before takeoff, the Earth Colony of Alpha Centauri is attacked and destroyed. Then, a Galman scout ship is shot down, and the Yamato finally takes off. Around planet Berth, the Yamato encounters the Galman fleet, and has several battles. In the Barnard's Star System, the Yamato is attacked by weapons similar to the Gamilon reflex gun of earlier seasons. General Dagon pursues the Star Force, but they destroy the Galman base and most of his fleet.

Through the course of the episode, Desslok appears again. The man just can't die, I guess... The Star Force is almost trapped in a black hole, invaded by prison escapees, and dragged into Admiral Smeerdom's fortress. Desslok, not having known his officers were fighting the Star Force, becomes enraged. He apologizes and invites the Yamato crew to Galmania. Desslok found two planets similar to Gamilon and Iscandar. He explains the Galmans were the original colonizers of Gamilon. He freed Galman and the sister planet from Bolar Federation slavery, and tried to rid Earth's solar system of the Bolars. What a nice guy!

Even better, Desslok gives the Star Force Magnetic Field Generating ships to restore the sun. While taking off, the Yamato protects Galman by destroying attacking forces with the wave motion gun. The plan to restore the sun fails, and they return to Galman. Desslok has found another planet called Phantom, where Earthlings can live. While investigating the planet, it appears just like Earth. Crew members see visions of dead loved ones while on Phantom. IQ-9 discovers it is not a planet, but a being with psychic powers to trick visitors. The Star Force finds a girl trapped inside the planet, Queen Mariposafrom the planet Guardiana.

The Galmans hope to rescue Mariposa so she will lead them to Guardiana. They want to gain military might. The Bolars want to destroy her. The Bolars and Galmons follow the Star force to Guardiana. Desslok agrees not to harm the planet, but destroys the remaning Bolar Fleet. Desslok uses his gun Excelsior to destroy them. (Similar to the wave motion gun.) Queen Mariposa gives the Star Force the HydroCosmoGen Cannon to restore the sun and all is well.

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