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A former retail establishment, located at the point where Virginia county routes 619 and 617 meet in the far southern end of Dinwiddie County. Closed in 1998, for the reason that the old Max Bolster (finally) died and nobody else in the family cared enough to take over the operation, since the place never made any money or anything. It was a good operation, as far as backcountry yokel stores go -- Bertha (yes, her name was Bertha) always made killer potato salad and these fried yam balls with brown sugar all over and throughout them that were absolutely incredible.

But perhaps more importantly, Bolster's Store defines a name for an area that lacks clear local identity and cohesion. People that live in the vicinity of the store generally have Stony Creek postal addresses, a McKenney telephone exchange (478), go to Dr. Ashby's office in Jarratt, and live in Dinwiddie County. So whenever queried about where they live, they could give any number of those answers, because the area's an average of 13 miles from each of the named locations. However, rather than bothering with all that nonsense, the standard response ends up being: "'Round Bolster's Store, Dinwiddie near the Sussex line." People smile and nod, even if they have no clue where Bolster's Store is/was, and they feel like they have some knowledge. It works all the same.

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