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Bomben is one of the four games in Svenska Spel's Oddset family. Introduced in 2001, when the concept was adopted from a similar Finnish one, it is the youngest member of said family. The object of the game is to guess the ending score in three football (the European kind) games or two ice-hockey games. A special kind of play, where you guess the result after each period, is sometimes also available when playing on hockey matches. There may be up to 6 different instances of Bomben playable at any given time. The name, "Bomben", means "the Bomb" in Swedish and is a reference to the high odds this gaming concept gives.

Guesses for the score can be made for any result between one and ten. There is also a "eleven or more" option. The bet per combination1 can be freely chosen by the player in 1 SEK increments between 1 and 500 SEK. The minimum bet is 10 SEK and the maximum bet is 25,000 SEK per coupon. No more than 10,000 combinations can be played per coupon.

The low probability of win (one in 116 when playing football games and one in 114 when playing ice-hockey games) combined with a 60 percent dividend serves to give the players very high odds. The highest odds ever for any game in Sweden was achieved on Bomben October 15th 2001 when the winners got 1,098,826.80 times their bet per combination back. Usually though, the odds aren't that high and usually end up at a couple of hundred times the bet per combination.

Should a match become cancelled and there are still two matches left in that "bomb" the odds for all combinations in that match will be 1.00. If there is only one match left in that "bomb", all bets will be paid back to the players. Should there be no one with the correct combination when all matches are played, no money will be paid back. Instead, the money will make up the jackpot for another instance of Bomben.

Bomben is also the only game in the Oddset family that allows the player to play with random numbers chosen by Svenska Spel's computer. This method of play is called Stubinen. The ramdomization is heavily influenced by the combinations played by other players. After all, not many football matches end with one of the teams having a score of 10, so randomizing completely wouldn't be a very good idea. In order for the system to have some seed to work with, Stubinen can't be played before 11 o'clock the day a certain instance of Bomben becomes playable. (Bomben usually becomes playable 8 o'clock on weekdays.)

One has to be 18 years old in order to place bets on Bomben.

1The number of combinations is the number of guesses for home team goals in the first match times the number of guesses for away team goals in the same match times the number of guesses for home team goals in the second game and so on...

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