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A little known fact about the Boogie Man is that he is one of the grooviest creatures on the face of the earth. The reason the Boogie Man is usually invisible has nothing to do with bending light, he simply cannot stop dancing. Fortunately for him, the Boogie Man's dances are the most rhythmic and bitchin' steps in existence. This skill seduces the eye into looking right past him as if he weren't there in the first place.

The Boogie Man does have a weakness: He is unable to resist the power of Marvin Gaye or George Clinton. Should one wish to obtain a Boogie Man, simply place a stereo system playing one of the aformentioned artists in a box. Watch from a concealed vantage point until the box begins to sway gently, then spring forward and close the box. Now the only hard part is deciding what to do with him.

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