The number one book most owned by American libraries with some version of the word "fuck" in the title is:
The Ice Opinion : Who Gives A Fuck?
Ice-T and Heidi Siegmund, New York : St. Martin's Press, 1994 (ISBN: 0312104863)

This book is owned by 414 libraries or library systems.

Libraries listed as owning this book include:

Only 3 out of 50 US States indicate that they have zero (0) libraries owning any copies of this book:

Total number of titles with some version of the word "fuck" as part of the title according to OCLC's WorldCat:


The second place book most owned by American libraries with some version of the word "fuck" in the title (24 libraries) is:

Fuck : Roman
Laurent Chalumeau. Paris : Grasset, 1991 (ISBN: 2246451817)


OCLC WorldCat Expert Search using search string

(ti: fuck* or ti: motherfuck*) not (nt: fuck* or nt: motherfuck*) and dt= "bks"


Find all book titles with all versions of "fuck" in them and get rid of those that come up with "fuck" in notes or Tables of Contents.

Sort of.

WorldCat, which fugitive used as a source, is not limited to libraries within the United States of America, or even North America and South America - it includes libraries worldwide. It appears that the majority of the catalog holdings are in the United States, and there are not any other catalogs with such breadth as WorldCat for US collections, so it is most likely that The Ice Opinion is the book that meets the criteria specified by the node title.

The above writeup then states that the book is owned by 414 libraries - implying that there are 414 copies in US libraries. (As of this writing, the number of library systems with the book in their collections is 409.) This book does, however, seem to be mostly in US libraries - WorldCat lists only three copies elsewhere - Vancouver Public Library, the University of Toronto Library, and the National Library of Singapore.

Though The Ice Opinion is only in 409 libraries and library systems, it is in far far more libraries. For instance, the CLEVNET consortium of Cleveland Public Library and 30 public libraries in the surrounding 9 counties is listed as a single entry in WorldCat. In the CLEVNET catalog, there are 29 copies of The Ice Opinion listed, 19 of which are listed as missing or lost. Yes, the word "fuck" is on the cover of books in many many more than 409 US libraries.

Fuck : Roman, the number two book on the list in the above writeup has been far eclipsed by Fucked up + photocopied : instant art of the punk rock movement (by Bryan Ray Turcotte and Christopher T Miller, Corte Madera, CA, Gingko Press, 1999, ISBN: 1584230002), in 86 libraries and library systems, The New fuck you : Adventures in Lesbian reading (by Eileen Myles and Liz Kotz, New York : Semiotext(E), 1995, ISBN: 1570270570) in 48 libraries and library systems, To fuck is to love again (Kyrie eleison kerista) or, The situation in the west, followed by a holy proposal., ( by Lawrence Ferlinghetti, New York, The Fuck You Press, 1965) in 32 libraries and library systems and Fuck off, unless you take off that mask (by Douglas Blazek, Milwaukee : Gunrunner Press, 1969) in 26 libraries and library systems.

Perhaps most interesting is that all four of the books mentioned in the above paragraph were published a minimum of three years before the previous writeup was written. Looks like we will be getting more old fucking books in our libraries in the future.

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