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Book wholesaling company operated out of Bayonne, New Jersey.

Book wholesalers are the invisible middlemen, the people who buy books from their publishers and sell them to the retailers who in turn sell them to people like us. They simplify the ordering process by collecting books from many different publishers in a centralized location and bringing them to the storefronts in one easy shipment. Bookazine caters specifically to the Tri-State area, particularly New York City - Bayonne is almost directly across the Hudson River from Manhattan.

Bookazine was a minor but successful player in the wholesaling world until Barnes and Noble's attempted acquisition of Ingram (another, much larger and national book and magazine wholesaler) in 1998. The growing uneasiness of independent booksellers at the idea of most of their stock coming through a subsidiary of their largest, most insidious competitor brought Bookazine to the forefront in the business and they've stayed there; they are now the primary alternative to Ingram in the region.

The company was founded in 1928 by Ruwin and Jacob Kallman, and is still family owned and operated. The company's info page is decidedly...upbeat, claiming that they can get any book from any publisher at any time. This is hardly true, but it's difficult to figure out if this is their problem or the publisher's. It would also be a fallacy to believe that these guys are an independent bookseller's best friend - they are decidedly amoral; any books that Barnes and Noble can't get their hands on come through...guess who?


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