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This is one of the best songs on Dance Dance Revolution 3rd mix. I'm talking about the Arcade version that I have on psx that's all in Japanese. The dance in the american version that has different songs from the arcade version has a slower easier dance. Well for the arcade I can't stop dancing to it for some reason, mabye it's because I'm retarded. But anyway, yes the catchy lyrics and tunes and your friends watching on or dancing in sync with another person to the song makes us all look a bit crazy. There's all these different styles of dances we can do too:

Cro-Magnon: where you can have your arms half raised and bob up and down.
Bouncing psycho: where you're just continuously jumping up and down and sweating.
And of course Zombie: Where you just stand and just move your feet with your arms held to your sides.

I'm sure none of these would get you cool style points in a competition, but hey they're amusing!

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