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Catchphrase of rather bizarre glove puppet seen on British TV in the seventies and eighties, called Basil Brush.

Basil was a fox with a rather gauche sense of humour who terminated every witticism by throwing his (its?) head back and emitting a deafening Boom Boom!.

John Lee Hooker's 1992 song which was a Grammy Award Nominee. His club, the Boom boom room, opened on October 2nd 1998 (3 years before his death at age 83 on June 21, 2001).

Tracks on the Boom Boom recording:

  1. Boom Boom (edit version) - 3:31
  2. Homework - 4:09
  3. Thought I heard - 4:35
  4. Boom Boom (full length version) - 4:19

Yes, this writeup sucks. But the one that was here before this was worse. Trust me.

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