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Booster Clubs are Organized group/s of people dedicated to support students/teachers/coaches of whom are in need. The committees may include parents, teachers, coaches, administrators, businesses etc. Support may be given by providing needed equipment and facilities: encouraging academic achievement; linking parents; coaches and students; and promoting school spirit. The club is made to benefit the school in funding. They will find donations and raise money for other clubs, groups, or teachers seeking financial aid.

Booster clubs were created to help financially support a school in need. This is in result only because of the lack of funds from taxes sent to education. Utah had a recent tax cut in 2002 which took ten million dollars from the Davis School District, creating more pressure for Booster Clubs. Utah having the most over crowded and under funded schools seem to have more Booster Clubs than any other US state.

The PTA and PTSA are always highly involved in support of and with the Booster Club of their same school. A student representing the Booster Club will attend school Senate meetings. The president of the club will often attend city council meetings to get ideas, information, and suggestions. The ideal way to succeed in creating a working and successful club is to involve the entire community. Students alone, or parents alone, will not suffice. I have noticed a national trend of booster clubs being created to support athletics and sports teams. This may be because of the equipment and other costs. Do understand that Booster Clubs are created for various reasons to help financial needs.

School efforts:
At my school to receive funds the club, group, or teacher must send in their request and present it at their monthly meeting. The Booster Club has aided my Chess Club with money to buy supplies such as chess boards, clocks, and pieces. They have also funded the Debate Club to pay a second teacher to come in and teach other parts of debate to the class that the teacher has no specialties in.

West High Athletic Booster Club has done the following to help their school. Condensed list:

In 1997, the National Hockey League brought the Carolina Hurricanes and hockey to North Carolina. Upon the arrival of the team, the Carolina Hurricanes Booster Club was formed. The CHBC is the official NHL booster club of the Carolina Hurricanes. Our goal is to support the Carolina Hurricanes hockey club, organization, and promote hockey throughout the Carolinas.
The Vancouver Canucks Booster Club was originally created in the 1950's to support the Vancouver Canucks of the Western Hockey League. When the Canucks joined the National Hockey League in 1970, the booster club was right there, supporting the team with fund raising, road trips and volunteer work.
- Two cases of needed funds and answered by the creation of a Booster Club.


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