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A member of the Justice League of America published by DC Comics.

Michael Jon "Booster' Carter was born in the 24th century on Earth. Carter played football in college and had a promising career as a professional player, until his mother fell ill from a rare disease. Unable to afford the expensive procedures required to cure her, Carter resorted to gambling to make the money, even betting on his own games. He eventually was discovered and barred from the game in disgrace.

Carter traveled from job to job, eventually ending up as a security guard at the Time Museum. Having been a student of 20th century history and having been facinated with the heroes of that time, Carter decided to steal some of the technology in the museum, travel into the past, and set himself up as a hero. Stealing some of the equipment on display, including a Legion flight ring, a forcefield belt, and a security robot oddly enough named Skeets, Carter used a time travel device built by Rip Hunter and traveled to the 20th Century, becoming the costumed hero Booster Gold.

Essentially a thief whose motivation for heroics was cash, Gold was able to establish himself as a hero, rather than a villain because of a good PR campaign and keeping many of those facts from the public. Booster lost his financial empire due to bad management and the plots of his enemies.

Booster eventually joined the Justice League of America and became good friends with Blue Beetle. For a while, the two were the Laurel and Hardy of the League.

During the League's battle with Doomsday, Gold's uniform which provided him with his powers was destroyed. He now wears a suit created by Blue Beetle which imitates many of his original powers.

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