The integrity of the boots has brought them a long way since their invention, helping them to acquire equal honor and dignity along with the other fashionable footwear. Nothing comes close to boots when we want something that is both chic and classic, perfect to be worn almost at all events or occasions. The royal touch and latest design updates have always kept them going, giving a tough competition to the other shoe types. Perhaps they are the only sort of footwear that has profound functionality. What makes them popular is that they have a combination of all qualities that other footwear have, but each of its kind.

Materials that go into making Boots
A great number of materials go into making boots ranging from rubber to leather to canvas. The raw material used on the boots depends on where it is to be worn. If the boot is meant to be a party wear, leather should be the choice. Similarly, rubber boots are working footgear and canvas boots are regular wears.

Function of Boots
Boots primarily meant to be walked through elements, maintain a close stitch so as to stop water, dirt, snow and mud from entering into them, thus providing protection to the foot and leg. Certain boots also function as insulators. They act as cushions to the feet keeping them comfortable during strenuous activities. They are the safest means of ankle protection. In some cases, they solely play the role of just a fashionable foot gear.

Types of Boots
• Some of the different kinds of boots are as follows:
• Gumboots, usually made out of rubber are found in varying lengths and are water proof.
• Waders refer to those boots which rise up to the thigh, act best as insulators.
• Work boots are popular amongst steel plant workers. They are meant for protection of the feet against molten metal or chemical exposure. Now they come with rubber sole and steel toecaps.

Boots provide with good results and comfort with the use of socks along with them. The socks not only prevent blisters but also absorb sweat and strengthen grip. Varying winter boot trends keep this particular shoe-type going.

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