The latest EP released by the band A Silver Mt. Zion, which is itself a side project of Godspeed You Black Emperor!. Their first release was called He Has Left Us Alone But Shafts Of Light Sometimes Grace the Corners of Our Rooms. *whew*.

This disc is an evolution of their earlier style, which I can only describe as hauntingly orchestrated cinematic mood music. This time, however, they have enlarged their original trio of Sophie, Efrim, and Thierry to include fellow Godspeed members Beckie, Ian, and Jessica.

While the packaging stays the same (simple cardboard and a paper sheet that serves as liner notes) and the feeling of the music is similar, it is less homogenous than their first disc. From their famliar melancholic low-fi tone they become more disruptive and defiant, especially evident on track 7.

The beauty of the music is hard to explain. The first song is built on a simple, four note arrangment, like chamber music. The strings resonate with feeling, pulsing like a funeral dirge, or a heartbeat, repeating their mournful chant more and more intensely.

In short, they believe the apocalypse is close at hand, and so they make music as an end in itself, and as a death song for the world.

Track List:

  1. Sisters! Brothers! Small Boats of fire are falling from the sky.
  2. This gentle hearts like shot bird's Fallen.
  3. Built then burnt (Hurrah Hurrah!)
  4. Take these hands and throw them in the river
  5. Could've moved mountains...
  6. Tho you are gone I still often walk w/you
  7. C'mon, Come on (loose an endless longing)
  8. The triumph of our tired eyes

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