Most people buy Boston ferns in the summer, hanging them outside on patios or front porches where they look lush and lovely. Come autumn, if a Boston fern hasn't gotten too much sun or not enough water, many are thrown out. I have made a concerted effort this year to repopulate my home with house plants and had purchased a Boston fern that thrived all summer into late Fall, when I moved it into the parlor.

The Boss, as I named my Boston fern, didn't care for the parlor. Window not big enough, weird cast iron contraption that was at the wrong height, a multitude of sins. So I moved The Boss upstairs. Same size window but better light, better hook, yadayada, happy fern until we turned the heat on. I had forgotten they need daily misting, weekly showers, grooming, special food. In other words, I might as well have gotten a dog for all the care this one plant needs.

But, I'm making it work; I'm flexible. In exchange for greenery, good vibes and extra oxygen at night, I'm letting The Boss sleep in my bedroom with a few other less needy plants and my Medtronic pacemaker unit that sends out nightly reports or readings while I sleep. I haven't figured out how to eliminate the shedding but did read that if Boston ferns don't do well inside, you can always cut them back, stick them in a cool, dark place like a basement then let them go dormant with minimal water and no food.

Personally, that seems a bit extreme, bordering on cruelty to plants but I guess it's good to have a back-up plan. For cold hard facts on Boston ferns, you can visit. For the health benefits of having any plants in your home, especially your bedroom, you can read about that here. For information regarding music which your Boston fern might prefer, look no further.


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