Many people know nothing of the true magic that is Botan Rice Candy, so I decided that if E2 was to be a true complete information database, it had to have an entry on Botan Rice Candy.

Botan Rice Candy is a candy import of Japan. If you're lucky enough to live in Japan, or near an import store, look for a box that simply says Botan Rice Candy and has odd Japanese pictures on the front. Inside, you will find individually wrapped, orangeish colored candies along with a "FREE CHILDREN'S STICKER," which is commonly a picture of some animal riding a retro bus or wagon of some sort.

The true magic comes in the candy itself. Unwrap it carefully, because there is a very thin, plastic-like layer under the main wrapper, which is actually pressed rice and totally edible, but some people don't like it because it is rather slimy. The candy itself is vaguely orange tasting, but not quite. It must be eaten to be described.

The taste of Botan Rice Candy is almost precisely like an mildly orange gum drop, but without the coating of sugar crystals. It's a good, yummy candy.

The edible rice wrapper is disturbingly similar to plastic wrap, in appearance and flavor. It crinkles like plastic wrap, but melts on your tongue. I am left wondering if there is a suggestion of some innovation there, waiting to happen. (maybe biodegradable food wrap? nah)

Botan Rice Candy can be found in in the foreign foods section of your local supermarket, right next to the Japanese rice crackers and wasabi peas.

Boton rice candy is right up there with soft cuttlefish, Furikake, and everything with Li Hing. :) Love it! As kids we always enjoyed that sweet taste and half the treat was the edible wrapper! It's a great soft gummy candy with a hint of lemon/orange flavor

Asian food stores are great if you can find them or if you have access to a commissary on a military base somewhere they usually carry this. Otherwise I have ordered it online in the past. Try it!

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