It was the proudest moment in my life

Toronto, it was the day the Spice Girls came to Much Music, the street was filled with the type of people that like the Spice Girls, but I was across the street in a bar watching the World Cup. Hours later, France had beaten Brazil. Bloody France! Now I'm not French or even French Canadian, just Canadian Canadian but I gleefully joined in the crowds, dancing in the street.

Then I stopped and looked at the situation around me. Here we are, a crowd, yelling and marching through the financial district and waving the Tricolor, while police officers looked on wairly. With this realization, I was filled with an urgent sense of ... something ... and managed to lead a not-insignificant portion of the crowd around me in a chant of Bourgeois Blood! Bourgeois Blood!

I don't know if I've ever been happier.

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