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An open collared cotton or polyester shirt traditionally worn by participants in the activity of bowling. The shirts sport buttons down the length of the front, square bottoms, and are meant to be worn untucked. Typically they feature bold vertical stripes on either side of the buttons. Bowling teams traditionally emblazoned logos of local businesses on the back, and stitched nametags on the front.

Today, bowling shirts are reffered to as camp shirts by retailers, and are included with Hawaiian shirts. They are often seen made of shiny nylon and embroidered with flames, skulls, martini glasses, hula girls, dice, dragons and other pop-cutlure icons. They can be purchased at a variety of trendy clotheirs at the mall, such as Hot Topic.

The typical bowling shirt wearer casts aside the frat boy fashion of Abercrombie and Fitch. They often augment the style with other retro clothing like wallet chains or wing tips. Bowling shirts are quite appropiate clothing when going to swing music shows and dances.

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