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The following ships are members of the Royal Navy's Boxer Class of frigates. The Boxer class is the remaining modified ships of the old Broadsword class type 22 frigate. This class of frigate is an ASW / Surveillance class.

HMS Sheffield (F96)
HMS Coventry (F98)

Displacement, fully loaded: 4,900 tons
Length: 485.9 ft. (148.1 M)
Beam: 48.5 ft. (14.8 M)
Draft: 21 ft. (6.4 M)
Range: 4,500 miles at 18 kts.

Recognition features:
  • blunt bow with short forcastle
  • Exocet SSM box launcher (A position)
  • Raised central main deck giving section a high freeboard
  • High enclosed mainmast at after end of superstructure
  • Large funnel, aft of midships, with sloping top and black exausts just protruding from the top
  • SATCOM dome atop superstructure
  • Large enclosed black-topped aftermast asft of funnel. slightly shorter than mainmast
  • Flight deck aft with open quarter deck below

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